How To Use Our Services

What we do

The surgery is a primary point of access for NHS health and care services and support. We have a complete clinical team including doctors, pharmacists, nurses, healthcare assistants, and health coach and social prescriber.

To get the best out of us, please familiarise yourself with the different types of Appointments we have available, and also the best course of action depending on what’s wrong. Many common conditions don’t need a GP appointment, so check the NHS Who Do I See guide.

If you’re on medication, please read our Prescriptions page

How to access care and services at the surgery

You contact us on-line, by phone, or simply walk in.

For on-line requests and questions, it is best to either use PATCHs or the NHS App. Both methods are secure and designed specifically to help you.

If you call in, please bear in mind that our phone lines are very busy in the morning, and that all calls are recorded.

Some services, don’t even require you to contact us. You can do the following immediately

  • a sick note for absence from work that is less than a week. Click here
  • book a physiotherapy assessment. Click here
  • book a talking therapy appointment. Click here

We also have lots of helpful information on our website in the Health Information section

Keeping you informed

We recommend you download and register to use the NHS App. You can contact us through it. Check your appointments, see test results and consultation notes. And it’s very secure.

We will normally contact you either by sending a message through the NHS App, or a text message, or an email, or call you. The NHS App is the most secure, but if you don’t want to use it we will use your preferred method.

The main reasons we may contact you are:

  • to remind you about an appointment that you have booked
  • to request you book an appointment to review test results or ongoing treatment
  • to request you book an appointment for preventive healthcare including vaccinations and cervical smears
  • to ask for feedback