Patient Participation Group

If you’d like to join our patient participation group (“PPG”), please ask at reception.

Our last meeting was held on 26 March 2024:

Topics discussed

Introductions of attendees

What is a PPG and the role it plays in the practice for patients? Voluntary work involved with the PPG discussed

HFP values.

What the partnership stands for and the future aims of the practice

Business side of HFP. What this entails and how this shapes what we can offer. What we are striving for at the moment within the partnership.

The role that the partners play in the business and the challenges faced

How HFP support the non–clinical and salaried GP and nurse staff that work for the business across the sites

The role of salaried GP’s and the barriers they face working within the NHS including commutes and the expense of living in the area.


The attendees were informed of the new rota changes and that all problems would be triaged on the day as per the new plan. Patients commented on their experiences of making appointments.

Upcoming events

Future meetings will likely be quarterly. Next time we will invite the PPG leader from our sister practice, Richford Gate, to discuss their success and incorporate the same values to the NEMC group.

Involving the patients in their local community. How can this be done?

Ideas for future meetings

The patients that attended suggested, they would like younger generations to attend as this would generate different and diverse ideas.

They also agreed that your needs as a patient change due to your age and circumstances


Workshops to be arranged to help streamline access to services. One idea was that if there was a PATCHs workshop, this would help people to use the service if they were experiencing barriers due to lack of awareness of how to use the platform.

All agreed that they would be interested in attending workshops or assisting with the running of workshops.