NHS care following a private consultation/prescription

Where possible, we will continue issuing repeat prescriptions for drugs/other items which were initially prescribed to you by a private practitioner. We can do this as long as the issuing practitioner is UK registered and has relevant expertise, they provide a written copy of their consultation which we can put in your medical record, they will communicate with us if we have any queries, and they can provide ongoing support to you should you need it. Also, the drug must be approved by the NHS for the specific usage and dosage (or there is an alternative that we can switch you to), and NHS guidance recommends it, there are no contraindications we are aware of, and you are willing to attend the surgery for any routine care and monitoring that we need to do whilst the treatment is active.

When you request continuation of private treatment via NHS prescription, we will tell you within 7 days if we are able to do it. Sometimes we can response more quickly, but these things often require us to review guidance, seek advice, and liaise with your private practitioner.

If we are not able to prescribe the treatment, or an alternative, we will let you know and you can seek a private prescription from the original practitioner.