New wellbeing course

We have a new lifestyle and wellbeing course for our patients. It’s run by a GP and our health coaches and is all about empowering you to develop your wellbeing, health and happiness. The course complements and is in addition to our normal services.

All the sessions are group-based and clinically led. Each session has a specific topic and involves guided learning, group discussion, videos, and practical exercises. The atmosphere is informal with lots of participation.

Each participant can choose which sessions to attend, and decide their own goals. To help you with goal setting we will organise a one to one consultation for you with one of the clinical team before attending the groups sessions.

There are six different sessions, and you can mix and match which ones you attend:

  • EAT: the latest science on nutrition
  • MOVE: physical activity, movement, and exercise
  • SLEEP: how to sleep well and the benefits
  • RELAX: managing stress, and active relaxation
  • CONNECT: the powerful benefits of social activity
  • REDUCE: tools for managing harmful behaviours

The group sessions will be run on a rolling basis so that there is flexibility in terms of attendance.

The program may benefit anyone, but it has been designed to be particularly helpful for people who are overweight or who experience chronic ongoing pain which will not go away or keeps recurring.

The programme is designed to support the long term lifestyle changes which science shows have the most positive impact on mental, emotional and physical health. Studies show that these 6 aspects of lifestyle can help to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and long-term mental health difficulties.

To help you think about whether this is right for you, you can download the questionnaire that the clinical team uses for the introductory one to one consultations which is shown below.

If you’d like to try the programme, please call the surgery and ask for an appointment for the Lifestyle Clinic.